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Kekova Kayaking

 From Kas: Full-Day Kekova Sunken City Sea Kayaking Tour

Enjoy kayaking to the island of Kekova, where you can explore the sunken city and paddle through ancient waterways. This full-day tour from Kas connects history, blue waters, and green coasts, and is one of the most exciting ways to explore the region.



·         Discover the sunken city of Kekova, the ancient ruins just below the sea level

·         Enjoy kayaking along ancient Lycian waterways

·         Enjoy the stunning blue waters and green coasts

·         Explore the island of Kekova, where you can swim, snorkel, and hike

·         Climb up to Simena Castle to enjoy spectacular panoramic views



This full-day kayaking tour takes you to the magnificent sunken city of Kekova – a location that can only be reached by sea. Kekova is a long thin island that separates the open sea from the mainland and here you can discover the magical world of the sunken city. Explore the ruins just below sea level and see the mysterious chambers, steps, and walls carved directly into the rocks.
You will start the kayaking trip at the village of Üçağız, located at the inner harbor of the Kekova. Paddling south-westward you will arrive in Tersane bay on the Kekova Island after approximately 1 hour of paddling. During a 30-minute break on the island you can swim, snorkel, hike around the ruins, or laze on the beach.
You will then paddle along the sunken city side of Kekova Island and take a short cross to Simena to find the lunch spot. After lunch you can climb up to Simena Castle and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of Kekova. After leaving the Simena behind you will paddle back to Üçağız village, discovering the ecological and geological diversity of the Lycian shore along the way.

There are 2 options on this kayaking tour. Beginners with no previous experience can kayak to Kekova Island, a distance of approximately 3 miles. Participants with at least 1 previous kayaking experience have the option of kayaking from Kaş to Kalkan, a distance of approximately 16 miles.

Good to Know:


Sea Kayaking at Kekova Island and the sunken city:
No experience necessary
Departure: 09:00 from Kas / 08:30 from Kalkan
Arrival: 16:00
Departures and arrivals may change due to seasonal sunrise and sunset times.
Sea Kayaking from Kas to Kalkan:
16 nautical miles
Previous sea kayaking experience required
Experience needed: 2nd trip
Departure: 08:00 from Kas / 09:00 from Kalkan Arrival: 18.00

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