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 Scuba Diving for Beginners in Side, Kemer and Alanya


Scuba dive in the crystal clear waters of Turkey’s Mediterranean at Alanya. See colorful fish and spectacular coral reef at dive sites around Alanya Castle. Enjoy the services of professional diving guides, with training for beginners.



·         Explore the underwater flora of Alanya

·         Snorkel and dive in the crystal clear waters of Alanya

·         See underwater caverns and caves

·         Get 30 minutes training for complete beginners

·         Scuba dive in the crystal clear waters of Turkey's Mediterranean

·         Snorkel and dive in the crystal clear waters of Kemer

·         Explore the underwater flora of Kemer


The best way to discover how to scuba dive is to try it yourself and this full-day excursion in the waters of Alanya gives excellent opportunities for beginners and seasoned divers alike. Turkey is a perfect area for your first underwater breath, as it boasts warm and clean water. There are no any dangerous animals, and the experienced instructors are attentive to your needs. The laws regulating underwater activities are very strict in Turkey, and all these details provide high levels of safety and service.

Before your dive, the instructor will explain how to breathe and move underwater. He or she will help you choose your scuba gear before setting out on a 2-dive adventure. The first dive is a try dive from the shore, after which you will have time to rest while your instructor explains how the scuba set works. Then you will prepare your scuba set yourself with the help of the instructor. You will dive controlling your descend or ascend, while the instructor watches and helps only when needed.

After you have mastered a few easy skills at the safe depth of 5 feet (1.5 meters), you will learn how to recover your regulator if lost, how to clean the mask, and how the instructor can share air when needed. Feeling more confident, you will then dive together up to 20 feet (6 meters). Boat dives are available if you are feeling secure, and you will get to explore some of the dive sites of caverns and caves, swimming among schools of colorful fish.

Good to Know:

• First dive for beginners will be from the shore
• For certified divers, a huge variety of diving programs and further PADI or CMAS education experiences are suggested
• There is capacity for up to 30 divers at the same time on the boat dive
• Work with the most professional diving staff in the region, with CMAS & PADI instructors and guides
Attention non-divers! Sun-seekers and snorkellers are welcome on board. A spacious sun deck is all yours! Swim at your ease, and use our complementary masks and fins for snorkelling. Who knows, maybe you'll be tempted to give scuba diving a try on your next day out!


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