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 Side & Belek: Horseback Riding in Forest or Mountains

Head for the hills of the Taurus Mountains and ride horseback through spectacular scenery. Choose from English or Western-style saddles, and ride magnificent Arabic horses along the beach, or in the forest.



Ride horseback in the forests around Side and in Belek

Lead your horse along the beach in Belek

Explore the paths of the Taurus Mountains from Side

Ride on an American Painthorse or a Turkish Rahvan



The ancient horse culture of Turkey is very much alive, unrivaled in its rich and broad mosaic of history. Experience it first-hand on a horseback riding excursion.

Enjoy a horseback adventure in the forests of Side, at the beach and in the forest in Belek on the southern Turkish coast. Providing adventure for all the family whether a professional or complete beginner, you can horseback ride for 1 hour, 2 hours, or more as long as you are aged 6 years or older.

It is one of the most absorbing hobbies around and provides a cardiovascular work-out in addition to improving posture. It is also highly sociable and great for anyone who enjoys being around animals.

You will find the Arabic horses in Side and in Belek extremely well looked after healthy and well trained. There is even a café and restaurant at the riding center, so you can enjoy a full day at leisure.

Located within a scenic pine forest of Aksaz village, you can head into the forest and ride a little along the Taurus Mountains. In Belek, you can ride along the beach either early in the morning or in the evening.


Good to Know:

• Horseback riding is available for hotels in and around Side, Titreyengöl, Kumköy, Colakli, and Belek
• Pick-up times depend on daily bookings
• English and Western-style saddles are available
• Maximum live weight allowed is 220-242 pounds (100-110 kilos)
• There are 11 Arabic horses available, plus 1 Pinto
• Cancelation fee: €10 per person if canceled 10 days in advance

Riding at the beach is not allowed by authorities in Side, but it is available in Belek early in the morning or during the evening.

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