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Patara: the desolate Beach of an antique city

Patara: the desolate Beach of an antique city

Voted once more ‘among the most beautiful beaches of the world’ by the English Sunday Times, Patara Beach leans its back on the antique city of Patara, near the borough of Kaş in Antalya. Turkey’s longest beach (18 km) and site of reproduction of the Caretta Caretta sea turtles, Patara Beach is protected by the Natural Life Protection Foundation. With its shallow wavy sea, smooth stoneless sand and ceaseless wind, Patara Beach is a favorite amongst lovers of surfing. One of the grandest cities of the Likia region in antique times, Patara opened its Gates to Alexander the Great and gained in importance as sea base in the time of his followers. The birthplace of St. Nicolas, Patara was still a harbor in the time of Byzantines rule. With its entrance gate which is dated beginning form A.C. 2nd Century, a number of sarcophagi of the Romans, the hamam made in honor of Vespasianus, a theatre building and the Hadrianus Granarium, Patara is rich in historical splendor. On Patara Beach, its most narrow spot 280 meters and its widest 1500, you will feel like you are a part of antique era.




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Patara: the desolate Beach of an antique city