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Antalya Toy Museum

The Museum

In mythology Zeus  the King of the Gods, has 9 beautiful daughters who are also called as ‘the Muse’. They are known as ‘The Faires of İnspiration’. The Word ‘Museum’  is derived from the French Word ‘muses’. İn other words, the Word ‘museum’ means an inspiration fairy. Therefore, a society has as much inspiration fairıes as the number of its museums.


In developed contries, the toysa re bought  to stimulate childrens dreams and fantasy. While in undeveloped countrise, children are given toys only for amusements. A country that stimulates its childre’s imaginatiopn through toy will develop in terms of civilization. For this reason, every toy witnesses the period it was produced.’


Throughout history, human firstly dreamed      and then fulfilled his dreams. People played with wheels, Rolling hoops abd later invented the car. İn other words, reality has always followed the footsteps of imagination. We communicate with our childre, whereas they, in their imaginative worlds, communicate with their own children, namely toys. Within the history of toys there lies the history of humanity. Fort his reason, many things may be found in our toys such as our dreams, achievments, failures, joys and sorrows.’

Kaleiçi (Old Town)… 

The historical  building that houses  the museum is the most ideal  place for a toy museum, having a courtyar, a resting area and located just by the sea of Antalya’s historical core,  Old town.Wherever ypu look, you will see the statues of imaginary characters of the children’s World. İn the courtyard for example, you will meet Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage and many other favorites.


Antalya Toy Museum  was designed by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ınder the curatorship of investigative writer, Sunay Akın and was opened on the 23 April, in  2011.The museum houses acollection of 3000 toys dating from 1860’s to the present. 

İt is the second largest toy museum in Turkey after the one in İstanbul.

İskele Cad . No:82 Kaleiçi Yat Limanı, Antalya 

Tel.: 0242 248 49 33-34

Museum Hours - (09:30- 18:30)


Antalya Toy Museum

28.03.2014 12:55
We should give more support for this Museum.
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