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The Hadrians Gate

The Hadrian’s Gate

The Hadrian’s Gate is one of the Gates that connects antique Attalia, known as Kaleiçi today, with the world outside the walls. This unique gate was built to commemorate the arrival of Roman Emperor Hadrianus in Antalya. İt’s believed that the gate adorned with glorious ornaments which were made in 130 A.D.

Many gateways were built in Anatolia to honor the emperor’s visit. But this gate is different froms the others, because the achitraves on the front  and back exteriors are far from each other in an unusual manner.İt boasts rich base reliefs wich can not be seen in other gateways in Anatolia.The lion heads on the tack, column heads adorned with flowers and the base reliefs on the arches are worth of seeing.Each of the vaults carried by the columns is made up of 33 arch blocks. The original base of the tack above the gate is from limestone, the heads are made from White marble and the columns are from granite.

The Hadrian’s Gate is one of the most visited sightseeings in Antalya.


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The Hadrians Gate